The Young Wooldridge Team is Well-Versed in Oil and Gas Law throughout California

Oil and Gas | The Oil and Gas attorneys at Young Wooldridge are knowledgeable concerning the law of oil and gas interests in California on private and/or government land, including the transfer of such interests both by sale and by lease, the rights and duties arising from such interests, and liens relating to such interests. The firm represents mineral holders, oil producers, operating companies, subcontractors, drilling companies and buyers of production, including refineries.

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The firm is comfortable with any size transaction, from the sale of an entire producing oil and gas field to the transfer of a fractional interest created by reservation and/or lease. If the underlying oil and gas documents require enforcement or interpretation, the Oil and Gas attorneys are experienced litigators capable of judicially resolving disputes in both state and federal courts.

Persons who provide labor, equipment and materials for an oil and gas development are entitled to California lien rights. The Oil and Gas attorneys at Young Wooldridge are experts in perfecting and foreclosing on such liens for claimants as well as defending such actions on behalf of the landowner.

The firm’s goal is to meet the needs of their clients in the most cost-efficient manner possible. At the same time, the attorneys aim to develop a personal and lasting relationship with each of their clients.

If you would like to find out how the Oil and Gas Attorneys at Young Wooldridge, LLP can help you, please contact our offices.