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About The Firm


Bakersfield Attorneys | In 1939, Bakersfield was a typical small town, rich in family values and community pride.  Agriculture and oil created many jobs and offered an economic foundation for the city and Kern County.

Newcomer Joseph Wooldridge had just passed the California State Bar examination and was working downtown in the Haberfelde Building as an insurance adjuster. Kern County native John Young, an attorney with a small office down the hall, met Wooldridge while pursuing a claim for an injured client.  The two hit it off immediately.  When the case had been settled, Young and Wooldridge became partners and their friendship became the foundation for one of Kern County’s oldest and largest legal institutions.

The personal touch John Young and Joe Wooldridge offered clients in 1939 is still very much alive at Young Wooldridge, LLP.  The unique friendship between John Young and Joe Wooldridge has served to develop the ethics and business philosophy of this leading law firm of Kern County.

With growth comes change, but Young Wooldridge has maintained its family approach over the years.  The attorneys are “real people” who work hard to make clients feel comfortable regardless of the problems they may be facing.  Young Wooldridge represents a broad spectrum of clients and represents them in areas of law ranging from big business to personal injury, labor relations to domestic relations, water resources, and estate planning and probate.

Young Wooldridge has kept pace with Kern County’s growth while earning an enviable reputation based on solid diversification in civil practice.  Young Wooldridge, LLP is a full-service law firm. The firm’s attorneys are experienced, hard-working, and dedicated to obtaining the best results for their clients.

Mission Statement

It is the mission of Young Wooldridge to zealously protect the rights of its clients, large or small. The firm will pursue this solemn commitment by continuing to emphasize the ideals of their heritage established nearly 75 years ago by their founders – John Young and Joe Wooldridge – hard work, dedication to high-quality legal services, and meeting the needs of each client.

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