Where It All Begins

In 1939, the thriving city of Bakersfield, renowned for its strong family values and community pride, stood as a flourishing hub for agriculture and oil industries in the United States. This fertile ground paved the way for a robust economy and numerous employment opportunities in Kern County.

Following the successful completion of the California State Bar examination, Joseph Wooldridge arrived in town and found work as an insurance adjuster in the Haberfelde Building downtown. It was there that he crossed paths with John Young, a native of Kern County and an attorney with a small office nearby, who was handling a case on behalf of an injured client. The instant connection between the two led them to join forces as legal partners once the case was settled. Thus began the foundation of one of Kern County’s oldest and largest legal institutions.

From the outset, John Young and Joe Wooldridge were determined to be more than just a name on a building. They envisioned The Law Offices of Young Wooldridge, LLP as a firm known for its problem-solving approach, rooted in building strong relationships. They firmly believed that the key to success in their field lay in prioritizing the human element. They pledged to adopt a “family approach” to their work, emphasizing their identity as real people who work diligently. Their philosophy aimed to provide comfort to clients, regardless of the challenges they faced.

history of Young Wooldridge