agricultural law


Agriculture Law Attorneys Bakersfield

The Agricultural Law Attorneys at Young Wooldridge in Bakersfield, CA can handle all aspects of Agricultural Law.

Agricultural Law | Young Wooldridge, LLP has experience handling agricultural real property transactions, including negotiating and drafting contracts for purchasing, selling and lending related to farm and ranch lands. The attorneys take special consideration to minimize the client’s liability and risk so that when a deal is complete it is in the best interest of their clients. The firm also handles related matters, including subordination, attornment, estoppel, assignment, the perfection of security interests. The Agricultural Law Department is comprised of seasoned trial attorneys prepared to take legal action in court, when necessary, to protect their clients’ agricultural real estate interests.

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agricultural law

Young Wooldridge, LLP has historically assisted farmers, lenders and other agribusiness-related clients with a wide array of contracts. The subject matter of the written agreements provided to clients varies by the type of activity in which the clients are involved from cultural operations, harvesting, packaging, cold storage, marketing and shipping. The attorneys are also experienced in farm-related secured transactions where a lender may take a security interest in crops (and/or other collateral) to secure loans and/or advances. The firm is equipped to assist with the mortgage and subordination issues frequently involved when crops are used to secure financing.

Finally, the attorneys at Young Wooldridge are experienced litigators in state and federal court actions, including appellate practice. The firm handles a wide array of administrative proceedings, including PACA Claims under the Perishable Agricultural Commodities Act.

agricultural law

If you would like to find out how the Agricultural Law Attorneys at Young Wooldridge, LLP can help you, please contact our offices.