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motorcycle accident

Some of the most complicated forms of litigation are matters related to motorcycle accidents. This is due to the kind of injuries sustained during accidents and how the accidents happen. All these elements contribute to the complexity of the cases. This article will discuss what an injured person involved in a motorcycle accident can do […]

Lately, the public and the media have had a heightened awareness of distracted driving. More states are enacting strict bans on the use of cellphones and other devices while driving, and public campaigns against texting while driving have been mounted by more states. In California, there is a ban on the use of handheld mobile […]

medical bills

Children’s medical costs can be very difficult to deal with, especially for divorced parents. In California, both parents of children are responsible for their medical and dental expenses not covered by insurance. This includes deductibles and copayments totaling up to $250 per child each year. According to the California Reimbursement of Medical Expenses statute, these medical expenses […]