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Assess Your Injuries Traffic accidents are an unfortunate reality, with 6 million occurring annually in the U.S. With a shocking 40% of these incidents happening at intersections and drunk drivers contributing to 30% of fatalities in California, it’s vital to know the key steps to take if you find yourself in such a situation. The […]

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Navigating the legal process can be overwhelming when you’ve suffered a personal injury due to someone else’s negligence. In such cases, hiring a local personal injury lawyer in Bakersfield is not only advantageous. Still, it can also result in you getting more money and the lawyer getting less. Local lawyers bring a wealth of knowledge […]

Brain Injury

Cases involving brain injury are among the most challenging issues to resolve simply because brain injuries are not visible, especially when medical negligence is involved. Unfortunately, brain injuries complicate the lives of both the injured person and loved ones. As a result, most people consult a Bakersfield brain injury attorney to help their loved ones […]

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When an individual wants to prove fault in a car accident, they often rely on the legal theory referred to as negligence. This article will discuss the legal theory of failure and how it affects your injury claim. According to the Cornell Law School Legal Information Institute [Negligence | Wex | US Law | LII / Legal […]

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It is difficult to go through severe challenges on our own, especially when those challenges involve being in an accident. When it comes to solving accident lawsuits on your own, it becomes straining and stressful. However, pursuing justice for your injuries does not have to be stressful when you reach out to a personal injury […]

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Who should compensate victims of accidents for injuries or damaged property? Personal injury is a body of law that facilitates amicable resolution of accident lawsuits or personal injury claims. The legal process begins with hiring a Bakersfield accident attorney. The goal is to hold those parties liable for negligence while recovering damages. Personal injury attorneys […]

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Every year at about this time, we take to the swimming pool to try to beat the rising temperatures. Many who take advantage of the pool are children out of school for summer vacation. Encouragement of safe recreational outings is something we all, as parents, provide with activities that involve swimming. We support this traditional […]

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If you have been involved in an accident it is easy to panic and make avoidable mistakes at the scene of the accident. Other mistakes are made after the accident has occurred and the days leading up to the filing of a personal injury claim. The majority of these issues can be fixed, however, some may […]

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In a car accident, when an individual wants to prove fault they often rely on the legal theory referred to as negligence. This article and the subsequent one will discuss the legal theory of negligence and how it affects your personal injury claim. According to the Cornell Law School Legal Information Institute [Negligence | Wex | US […]

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When facing your opponent, whether a plaintiff or a defendant, you should be well prepared in personal injury claims and trials. The facts and evidence of your situation may make a strong case, but you could end up losing if you’re not well prepared for trial. What does preparation entail? There’s no right or wrong […]