Real Estate Law | The Real Estate attorneys at Young Wooldridge has helped clients with a wide variety of real estate transactions since the firm was founded in 1939.  From lease agreements to real estate litigation, the attorneys at Young Wooldridge have the experience to help with your real estate concerns.

The lawyers at Young Wooldridge understand that the real estate process can be quite complex.  Clients regularly look to the the firm’s real estate attorneys to negotiate leases and handle ancillary lease matters including:

  • Lease subordination and attornment

  • Estoppels
  • Collateral assignments
  • Perfection of security interests in leasehold estates

Young Wooldridge also handles all aspects of Agricultural real property transactions including negotiating and drafting contracts for purchasing, selling, and expanding operations.  The firm’s attorneys take special consideration to minimize every client’s liability and risk so that when a deal is complete, it is in the best interest of their clients.  When necessary, the attorneys at Young Wooldridge are prepared to take legal action to protect their client’s farming operations.

For more information, please contact Michael A. KaiaRobert J. Noriega, or Jerry W. Pearson.