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Burn Injuries | Burns are serious, often disfiguring injuries requiring significant medical care. Wounds that are not treated properly can cause further complications and additional medical costs. And damage to the skin, muscle and other parts of the body can lead to considerable missed work time.

Young Wooldridge can help you if you suffered burns at your job or as a result of someone else’s negligence. If you were seriously injured, a personal injury lawyer can help you obtain compensation.

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What are the Different Classifications of Burns?

Classifying a burn injury is important when establishing the amount of compensation required to cover the costs of repairing the wound. Burns are classified according to the following degrees of severity:

  • First degree — This is the least severe burn level. A first-degree burn leaves the skin intact, but a victim experiences pain. Topical medications, either over the counter or prescribed, may provide some relief.
  • Second degree — A second-degree burn affects deeper layers of the skin and often requires medical attention. Aside from pain, the victim is likely to have blisters on the skin.
  • Third degree — Much more severe, third-degree burns destroy all layers of skin. Victims often feel little or no pain, as the nerve endings are also affected. Third-degree burns usually lead to permanent scarring and require skin grafts and rehabilitation.
  • Fourth degree — The most severe burns expose muscle and bone and require critical medical care. The costs of healing or rehabilitating such wounds continue for years.

Someone responsible for your injuries through negligence may be ordered by a court to pay for medical expenses, missed work time and other personal injury costs.

Burn Injuries are More Common Than You Think

Even when you are careful, you may get burned at work, home or elsewhere, although some of the burn causes below are more avoidable than others:

  • Thermal heat — Thermal burns result from exposure to flame or extremely hot objects or substances, such as coffee.
  • Chemical burns — Burns from a chemical source do not require a high temperature. They are caused by dangerous substances coming into contact with the skin. The reaction must be neutralized by another substance.
  • Electrical burns — Contact with exposed wiring or other sources of high voltage can result in deep burns similar to those caused by thermal heat.
  • Radiological burns — Exposure to radiation can burn the skin and often results from unsafe industrial conditions. Extensive medical treatment is usually involved after such an injury.

Defective products can also cause serious burns, especially in the case of faulty electrical wiring. Depending on the cause of the burn injury, different medical treatments are required. Our experienced burn injury lawyers can determine whether a person or entity can be held liable for negligence for your injuries.

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Burns are painful and debilitating events that often require extensive medical care and expensive procedures, such as skin grafts. Young Wooldridge, LLP provides personal injury guidance to Bakersfield, Kern Country, the Central Valley and the state of California. If you suffered a burn injury accident, contact us now for a free consultation at 661.327.9661 or online.

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