Lack of Will Can Cause Hardship | Estate Planning

Lack of Will Can Cause Hardship | Estate Planning

Lack of Will May Cause Hardships for Loved Ones

Estate Planning | After a lifetime of providing and caring for them, one of the last things you probably want to happen to your family is subjecting them to the stress and expense of settling your estate. Yet too many people fail to adequately and thoroughly put plans in place to account for the distribution of their property and assets. Putting a will together can ease your family of considerable pressure and allow them to focus their energies more productively.

There are a number of problems associated with failing to have an estate plan, including a will, in place when you die. Most obviously, you will have zero control over whom your property goes to. It’s possible that you don’t want your property to go to certain family members, or that you want to leave certain property to a charitable organization. Without documentation in place, these decisions are left up to state law.

Leaving the settling of your estate up to the law may also mean your family is left to make difficult choices. Depending on family dynamics, this can lead to stress and conflict, and the after-effects of the experience can stay with your family members for years.

As California is a community property state, a spouse will generally inherit all of the property you jointly owned during your marriage. But states have different laws regarding intestate succession, and the only way you can feel secure about what happens to your assets and who benefits from them is by having a strong estate plan outlined before your death.

Having a proper estate plan in place is a crucial final step in a lifetime of caring for your family. If you have questions or concerns about your existing plan, or if you need to begin drafting a will or other documents related to estate planning, an experienced Kern County attorney from Young Wooldridge, LLP can offer the guidance you need. The compassionate estate planning attorneys at Young Wooldridge, LLP have the resources of an experienced litigation firm and will make sure that your wishes are fully carried out. 

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