Dog Safety Tips  | Personal Injury Attorney

Dog Safety Tips | Personal Injury Attorney

Dog Safety Tips | Personal Injury Attorney

Personal Injury Attorney | On February 10, 2015, two young girls from Delano were hospitalized after being attacked by their family dog. The girls, ages 7 and 8, were rushed to Delano Regional Medical Center, while deputies and CHP responded to the home to secure the dog, a pit bull mix.  After deputies were unable to secure the dog due to its aggressive nature, animal control was called and the dog was captured without incident.

Research shows that there are tremendous physical and mental health benefits that accompany owning a domestic pet. And while most of the time pets are loving and playful, it is important to remember that animals are not toys. Here are some tips you should follow to help keep your kids safe, according to the American Kennel Club:

Always ask a dog’s owner if you may pet the dog. There may be a very good reason why a dog should not be touched. He may be “on duty” as a handicapped person’s helper, or he may be hurt, sick, or afraid of kids.

Approach a dog from the front or side. Hold your hands low and speak softly. If you surprise a dog from behind, wave your hands in the air, or yell, you could scare the dog and cause him to try to bite you.

Let a dog eat and sleep in peace. A dog who is eating may think you are going to take his food away if you come too close, so be sure to leave him alone until he is done. If a dog is sleeping, you might scare him if you come too close and wake him up, so wait until he wakes up by himself.

Watch out for special toys. Some dogs have strong feelings for their balls and chew toys – just like you do with your favorite toys! You wouldn’t want someone to grab your favorite toy away from you, so don’t take a bone or toy from a dog’s mouth unless you have trained him to drop it and give it to you first.

Respect a dog’s space. Dogs naturally protect their territories. Sticking your hand inside a strange dog’s pen, through a fence or in a car window where a dog is sitting may cause him to bite to protect his property.

Even though this most recent attack involved a pit bull mix, many other breeds of dogs have also been known to suddenly become violent, even without provocation.  Apply these general safety tips to all interactions with domesticated dogs, regardless of breed. If you or a loved one is attacked by a dog, you could need a personal injury attorney. Let the team at Young Wooldridge help.

If you have questions regarding injuries sustained from a domestic pet, contact the experienced Bakersfield personal injury attorney at Young Wooldridge, LLP.

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