What Type of Evidence You Need To Show For Your Personal Injury Claim?

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After being involved in an accident, you will need to have evidence to support any personal injury claim that you may want to make later. Therefore, it is essential to gather all the necessary evidence for your personal injury claim. This article will discuss how to gather evidence and what evidence is needed for your claim.

Firstly, it is of the utmost importance to note that the first few days after the accident or incident are the most crucial when it comes to gathering evidence. This is mainly because the longer time passes, the less likely it is that the evidence will still be there or the evidence may be destroyed. Many different types of evidence must be used to strengthen your personal injury case.

Some common forms of evidence to gather and preserve include the following:

  • Physical evidence – such evidence can be touched or seen as compared to being described. When it comes to an accident, the fault can be easily determined by having physical evidence. This can include a dent in a vehicle that shows where it was hit by another car. Or it can be a way of showing how severe the impact of the accident was or bloodied clothes showing the severity of injuries. It is essential to gather and preserve physical evidence within the first few days after the accident. This is because such evidence can get lost or changed by time or weather and destroyed or repaired. One way of gathering physical evidence is through photographs, as this preserves the evidence exactly as it was at the time of the accident.
  • Using photographs – photographs are a good option when you do not have the piece of physical evidence or cannot preserve it. Photographs can be taken by a smartphone or digital/standard camera. When taking photographs, a large number of photos must be taken from different angles. This allows you to pick out the best ones that clearly show what you were trying to highlight. Another option is to shoot a video. Do not forget to take pictures of the road in car accidents just in case skid marks [Speed from Skidmarks – Collision Recon] are present. If possible, take photos of the traffic flow on a specific day at a particular time, etc.

Photographs should be taken accurately, so they show the conditions that were there immediately after the accident. Further, it is essential to print out or process the photographs immediately and ensure that the date is indicated on the back of the prints, on a receipt or digital file. Take note that if an accident happens in an open public place, you have the right to take pictures.

  • Go back to the accident scene – it is always encouraged to return to the scene of the accident as soon as possible. Just in case there’s evidence or witnesses available.

To learn more about the evidence needed to support your personal injury case, speak to a Bakersfield car accident attorney today.

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