Strengthening Your Motorcycle Claim

motorcycle accident

Some of the most complicated forms of litigation are matters related to motorcycle accidents. This is due to the kind of injuries sustained during accidents and how the accidents happen. All these elements contribute to the complexity of the cases. This article will discuss what an injured person involved in a motorcycle accident can do to strengthen their case.

Because of the complexities linked to motorcycle accidents, injury victims need to be aware of their rights and take appropriate steps in order to protect themselves. Some of these steps that they can take include the following:

  • Medical treatment and attention – the majority of motorcycle accidents are very serious and result in serious injuries such as head trauma, traumatic brain injuries, or paralysis. It is not uncommon for a victim to become unconscious at the time they are transported to an emergency room. As a result, it is of the utmost importance that the injured victim stays in the hospital for as long as it is recommended by their health care provider. In instances where the injured individual is conscious at the scene of the accident, they should still be transported to a medical facility by emergency responders and describe their injuries to them. This is even the case where the accident injury victim has previously been in a similar motorcycle accident and wasn’t injured or believes that their injuries are not that serious. It is wise to still seek medical treatment. The benefit of this is that it helps establish the timing when the injury occurred as well as to link the injury to the accident. Once an individual has received medical attention, they should continue whatever treatment regimen they are to undergo. Whatever instructions are given to them by their doctor they should obey them to the letter. This includes such aspects as staying off work or not participating in certain activities until they have fully recovered. Before a motorcycle accident claim has been settled, often the victim must complete all necessary medical treatment or requirements. This allows us to determine the exact amount of damages. One tactic used by insurance companies is to deny or lower a claim by blaming the injured individual for not following medical advice.
  • 911 – no matter the circumstances it is important that you call the police after the accident. By having a police presence this helps document the incident. In addition, the police report that is prepared likely has important information, such as who was responsible for the accident and if a citation was given to this person. Further, the police officer documents their observations of the scene of the accident.
  • Wait to repair your bike – the majority of personal injury lawyers handling motorcycle accidents in Bakersfield advise that motorcycle owners forgo repairs. This is because the motorcycle itself is a big piece of the evidence. It provides information on the seriousness of the accident. In addition, damaged property helps with the victim’s claim.
  • Take pictures – be sure to take pictures of your injuries, the damaged bike, other vehicles, road signs, weather conditions, etc.

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