Personal Injury Law – The Process

motorcycle accident

Injury lawyers help accident survivors get justice for their injuries and damaged property for all types of accidents, including work-related accidents, auto accidents, motorcycle accidents, and much more. You can do everything in your power to avoid injuries from an accident, but another person’s carelessness and negligence can cause what you were avoiding–an accident. A Bakersfield injury lawyer can help you get justice if you’re an accident survivor.

An accident can leave you confused where to start, and you might even doubt whether you can be compensated for your injuries. However, you shouldn’t blame yourself for being involved in an accident, especially after being cautious. Besides, an accident can happen to anyone–how  accidents are resolved is what matters. A Bakersfield injury lawyer can evaluate your injuries and recommend the best legal option for your case, and guide you throughout the process until you get justice.

Common Accident Injuries

Accident survivors are often left with financial burdens, such as medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages, and much more. Unfortunately, some survivors are left with permanent disabilities and they need to be compensated. Common accidents that can be resolved with personal injury lawyers include:

Application of Personal Injury Law

Personal injury law provides accident survivors the opportunity to find justice; justice in this case means recovering compensation for bodily injuries and personal property. The application of personal injury law follows the following process:

  1. Contacting a Personal Injury Lawyer
    The first step in most accident cases is seeking legal advice from an expert attorney, and a personal injury lawyer can help in this case.
  2. Evaluation of Facts
    After finding a good personal injury lawyer, you should furnish them with everything you know about the accident, including about the accident scene, who was responsible, was the accident preventable, and much more. A lawyer will depend on this information to build a strong case, so you shouldn’t omit any details.
  3. Filing Legal Action
    Your lawyer will initiate legal action (a claim) after evaluating your case and identifying a legal option of resolving the case with an aim of recovering damages.
  4. The Trial
    Court action goes through various stages, including submissions, deliberations, and reaching a verdict. The lawyer will be your primary legal counselor and will help you in all those stages.
  5. Recovering Damages
    A favorable verdict means you’ll be compensated while an unfavorable verdict means you lost the case and the right to compensation.

Common Accident Claims

Personal injury damages vary by each case, but the following claims are common across the board for all types of personal accident claims:

  • Physical injuries claims
  • Damaged property claims
  • Lost wages, past and sometimes future
  • Lost companionship
  • Mental and emotional anguish claims
  • Wrongful death of a loved one
  • Medical expenses, past and future.

Personal injury lawyers can get justice and recover for injuries to your body and to your property.  Besides providing legal representation, a lawyer will ensure your legal rights are safeguarded, and your chances of succeeding increase.

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