Medical Expenses For Children

medical bills

Children’s medical costs can be very difficult to deal with, especially for divorced parents. In California, both parents of children are responsible for their medical and dental expenses not covered by insurance. This includes deductibles and copayments totaling up to $250 per child each year.

According to the California Reimbursement of Medical Expenses statute, these medical expenses may be added to child support obligations and divided between the two parents proportionally, based on each parent’s adjusted gross income. After the initial $250 has been paid, the parent paying for the treatment must provide the other parent with proof of the expenses and request reimbursement.

In the event that a parent does not pay his or her portion of the medical expenses, an attorney may obtain a court order. To build a strong case in an attempt to obtain a court order, it is beneficial to have records of the following:

  • The medical or dental service that occurred after the marriage was dissolved and while the child was still eligible to receive child support
  • Proof of payment and submission to applicable insurers
  • Reimbursement from insurance companies
  • Copies of official requests for reimbursement from the other parent
  • Evidence that the other parent has not yet paid

If these factors are present, it will be more likely that you will successfully receive a court order obligating the other parent to provide his or her share of medical costs. For more information on this issue or to explore your options to secure a court order, speak with a compassionate Bakersfield personal injury lawyer at The Law Offices of Young Wooldridge, LLP.

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