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Saving Lives with One Smart App

Choosing a designated driver before you head out on the town is simply smart. It means your friends or family can have a great time without putting anyone else in danger. As a designated driver, you’re taking on an important role. Shouldn’t you be rewarded for it?

In California, the answer is yes. The DDVIP app from the California Office of Traffic Safety (OTS) boasts discounts and offers for sober, designated drivers at a variety of restaurants and bars in the state. It’s a way of recognizing designated drivers for their vital role in protecting everyone on the road.

Enjoy VIP Status as the Designated Driver

When you fielded sober driver duties in the past, did you ever think of yourself as a VIP? It’s more likely that you felt as if you were missing out on some of the fun. The DDVIP app, available for Android and iOS, aims to change that by rewarding designated drivers.

Why is that so important? Almost 900 people were killed in accidents caused by drunk drivers in California in 2014. The OTS is working hard to bring these numbers down by making driving sober an appealing choice. Free non-alcoholic drinks, snacks and great deals mean that everyone can enjoy the party without having to worry that they’ll be calling personal injury attorneys as a result of one night’s fun.

Of course, the DDVIP app goes beyond rewarding designated drivers and helps them find great local venues via a mapping function. It’s the easiest way to find participating businesses whether you’re planning ahead or on the fly. DDVIP is an all-in-one application that promotes safety while supporting local businesses too. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Find a Sober Ride Anytime

The creators of the DDVIP app understood that sometimes things go wrong and designated drivers shirk their duties. When that happens, you can find a safe ride using the app too. The Find a Ride page offers connections to Uber, Lyft and Curb drivers in one convenient place. You can download the app from the California Department of Technology.

Keeping your family and friends safe by acting as the designated driver is the sane, responsible choice. Unfortunately, you can only control your own behavior. If you’ve been involved in an accident caused by a drunk driver, know that you can work with personal injury attorneys to get just compensation.

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