Handling Car Accident Cases In Bakersfield, CA

car accident victim in hospital

Car accidents keep increasing on our roads each day, thanks to careless driving, poor road infrastructure, and much more. Victims of car accidents are left with financial burdens related to treatment, besides suffering the pain, inconvenience and stress of having bodily injuries. Fortunately, personal injury laws related to car accidents can help protect them. If you’re a victim of an auto or motorcycle accident, you should pursue justice.

If you got injured in a car accident anywhere in Bakersfield, you could consult car accident lawyers in Bakersfield, Ca, for legal help. The lawyers will act as a legal compass by advising you on everything regarding personal injury lawsuits, and they will ensure your legal rights are safeguarded.

Common Causes of Road Accidents

According to World Health Organization research, more than 1.3 million deaths occur from road accidents annually around the globe, as well as 20 to 50 million cases which are non-fatal injuries. In a significant number of these non-fatal accidents,  the victims may suffer life-changing injuries or disabilities. The common causes of car accidents include:

  • Drunk driving.
  • Failure to obey traffic signs and rules.
  • Human error.
  • Distracted driving.
  • Unsafe roads.
  • Lack of courtesy.
  • Ineffective traffic laws.

Preventing Car Accidents

Undoubtedly, road accidents can be prevented and even decreased when all stakeholders, including road users, play their role accordingly and by following the below-listed guidelines:

  1. Being conscious of road safety rules.
  2. Giving way where possible.
  3. Using safety assistants.
  4. Observing traffic rules.
  5. Driving roadworthy vehicles.
  6. Driving while sober.
  7. Improving driving skills.
  8. Being courteous.

Importance of a Car Accident Lawyer

Although the main focus for car accident lawyers is to seek justice on your behalf, they’re also tasked with ensuring clients go through the process of getting justice as comfortably as possible. Other crucial services car accident lawyers provide include:

Explaining Your Rights

Most people are ignorant of their legal and Constitutional rights, a prime opportunity for insurance companies. If you pursue compensation for car accident injuries from an insurance company, you need to know your rights. Otherwise, your case can have an unexpected outcome, which is why you need a car accident lawyer.

Providing Legal Counsel

Most victims of car accidents desperately turn to different sources when seeking justice for car accident injuries, and they’re likely to stumble upon varying advice. However, you can simplify this process by seeking professional legal help. Car accident lawyers handle many accident cases, knowing what works best in different scenarios.

Negotiating for Fair Settlement

Insurance companies are notorious for arm-twisting the course of justice. They will use time-tested strategies, such as clearly undervaluing claims, completely denying legitimate claims, or arguing things that cannot be legally supported, all for their financial gain. They’re in business, meaning the more claims they avoid paying, the more their profits.

Legal Representation

Most cases related to car accidents are settled out of court, but you should still hire a competent lawyer to represent you so things don’t get out of hand. Car accident lawyers can save the day when things go south. They can safeguard your legal rights and guarantee a fair hearing if or when the case goes to court.

With a competent car accident lawyer by your side, you’re at least assured of justice and a greater likelihood of successful compensation.

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