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Construction Site Safety Tips

Construction is one of the most dangerous occupations a person can have in the United States, but even though strict regulations have been enacted to protect workers, they are not always followed. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), one out of every 10 people with construction jobs will suffer a work-related injury every year, and about 1,200 of those injuries will be fatal.

In order to avoid having to hire a personal injury lawyer, always follow these construction site safety tips.

  1. Always use fall protection.
    The most common type of accident on construction sites is falling, and personal injury lawyers across the nation will corroborate this statistic from OSHA. Holes in the ground or in floors should be covered or fenced, guardrails and toe boards must be in place on platforms, and safety harnesses should always be used when working from heights.
  2. Wear your personal protective equipment.
    Personal protective equipment (PPE) is required in all active construction zones. At the very least, this means wearing a hardhat and steel-toed boots. However, certain situations may require that you wear eye protection, such as safety glasses or goggles, earplugs, a respirator or even a full hazmat suit.
  3. Analyze the worksite, and hold safety meetings.
    Before each shift, the construction site should be thoroughly scanned and all hazards identified. Formal safety meetings should be held at least once per week to ensure that all workers are aware of each danger and what can be done to prevent injuries and fatalities.
  4. Follow the lockout/tagout rule for controlling hazardous energy.
    After a long history of gruesome injuries and deaths, OSHA implemented the lockout/tagout rule to protect workers from hazardous energy, which may include electricity, mechanical equipment, large machines, vehicles, steam vents and much more. A lockout device must be placed on the machinery that prevents people from entering it when it is in use. If a lockout device is not possible, a tagout device must be placed on the hazard to warn workers of the dangers.

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