Common Causes of Truck Accidents

speeding truck

Whenever you take to the road, it’s highly likely you see a tractor-trailer. Unfortunately, accidents involving these trucks are on the rise. During the past two decades, incidents have increased by nearly 20 percent. What makes these accidents particularly devastating is that the sheer size and weight of the truck can cause catastrophic damage and injury. In 2002, 4,897 people were killed in crashes with large trucks.

There are a number of reasons why trucks crash, but sadly one of the most common is one of the most preventable. Driver error is far and away the most common reason for these collisions. Of these driver-related crashes, drug use is at the root of nearly 36 percent of them and tops off the list of causes. These drugs can be either illicit or over-the-counter and often have ill effects on drivers, making them sleepy or otherwise impaired.

The second most common cause of driver-related crashes is speeding. This activity is dangerous no matter what type of vehicle it is, but drivers speeding in trucks tend to struggle more than other types of motorists. This is because trucks are difficult to maneuver, slow and often carry many thousands of pounds of cargo. The faster they are traveling, the more difficult it is to adjust for changes in traffic patterns or curves in the road.

Finally, the third most common reason for truck crashes is fatigue. Truck drivers often travel long distances. Between the hours and the monotony of the highway, it can be difficult to stay alert and focused on the road. When drivers get sleepy, their concentration suffers and they may not be quick to react to road conditions.

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