Causes of Car Accidents in Bakersfield

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According to a recent study, road accidents involving small passenger cars have become a common occurrence, thanks to poorly trained drivers, bad road networks, disobedience to traffic laws, and much more. Even Covid 19 has increased the number of accidents on the roadway, presumably because drivers are more distracted or emotionally stressed out.  A car accident can leave incalculable suffering and dire consequences in its wake, such as physical injuries, lost earnings and lost job opportunities, financial stress, and much more.

Although most car accident victims are not aware, you can be compensated for your personal injuries and property damage if you’ve experienced a car accident anywhere in Bakersfield. A car accident attorney in Bakersfield will give you legal advice and help you in the process of seeking justice for your injuries and damaged property. They will also initiate a demand while ensuring you still enjoy your legal rights as enshrined in the constitution.

What are the Causes of Road Accidents?

Approximately 600,000 car accidents occur every day throughout the world, leading to 20 million serious physical injuries, or even worse, permanent disabilities and death. The following are some of the common causes of car accidents:

Disobeying Road Signs and Traffic Laws

Simple traffic laws, such as stopping at a red light even when the road is clear, are often ignored by many drivers, but could be catastrophic. Even when in a hurry, all road rules, including the following should be observed to avert road accidents:

  • Stop signs.
  • Do not enter.
  • Railway crossing sign.
  • Pedestrians crossing.
  • No parking sign.
  • No U-turn sign.

Exceeding Speed Limits

All states in the U.S. have varying speed limits to be observed by all drivers, the failure of which may result in road accidents. California traffic laws have set the speed limit for urban zones as a maximum of 55 mph on double-lane roads, and 65 mph on multi-lane roads. However, drivers are encouraged to maintain the speed limits for different zones, such as commercial, school, or residential zones, which typically are much lower.

Driving Under the Influence

DUI/DWI is a traffic offense and punishable by law in Bakersfield, where the penalties for a first DWI offense could range from anything between a minimum jail term, fine, license revocation, and at worst, a total suspension of your license,  The cost of getting one single  DUI can be over $10,000 when fines and lawyer costs are calculated in.

Human Error

Human error mostly happens when drivers are not alert. Driving while tired should be avoided at all costs.

Distracted Driving

The driver’s duty is to focus on the task at hand, driving, once in the driver’s seat. Any other activities are considered distractions, which are recipes for looming disasters.

Bad Road Networks

Bad roads are a major cause of road accidents the world over, potholes being the major culprit. A driver may run into oncoming traffic when trying to avoid potholes. Sometimes roadway edges have drop offs which can also lead to accidents.

Why you need a Car Accident Attorney

Hiring the services of an attorney can significantly influence the outcome of your case. The benefits of having an attorney include:

Wealth of Experience

Car accident attorneys handle car accident cases with many different facts. The experience gained from handling similar cases helps them deduce what works best in different circumstances.

Negotiating for Fair Settlement

In most cases, the liable party tries to negotiate the lowest possible settlement in a car accident case. A good attorney can easily tell if the settlement is fair or otherwise. The defendant can exploit your naivety and ignorance if you try to represent yourself, especially when the defendant has an insurance company,  and that could result in unfair compensation.

A car accident attorney could be the key to a successful car accident case. He ensures you get a chance at a fair trial, besides safeguarding your rights and interests through all the pre-trial phases of your case. Additionally, you’re likely to end up with greater compensation, unlike if you try to go it alone.

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