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Assess Your Injuries Traffic accidents are an unfortunate reality, with 6 million occurring annually in the U.S. With a shocking 40% of these incidents happening at intersections and drunk drivers contributing to 30% of fatalities in California, it’s vital to know the key steps to take if you find yourself in such a situation. The […]

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Navigating the legal process can be overwhelming when you’ve suffered a personal injury due to someone else’s negligence. In such cases, hiring a local personal injury lawyer in Bakersfield is not only advantageous. Still, it can also result in you getting more money and the lawyer getting less. Local lawyers bring a wealth of knowledge […]

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Injury lawyers help accident survivors get justice for their injuries and damaged property for all types of accidents, including work-related accidents, auto accidents, motorcycle accidents, and much more. You can do everything in your power to avoid injuries from an accident, but another person’s carelessness and negligence can cause what you were avoiding–an accident. A […]

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If you have suffered injuries or losses as a result of someone else’s negligence in a car accident, you may be able to receive compensation for your losses by filing a personal injury case. It is not uncommon for an individual who has been injured in a car accident to miss work or opportunities to […]


If you were involved in an accident that resulted in causing injury due to someone else’s negligence you may be eligible for compensation through a personal injury claim. Such claims can be facilitated by a personal injury lawyer who will provide representation and advice to a plaintiff during the process of filing and litigating the case. […]

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Most personal injury claims are based on the legal concept of negligence. In order to succeed in your personal injury claim or case you need to prove negligence in accordance with the negligence elements. This article will discuss the negligence elements: causation and damages; and how they work in a personal injury case. There are […]

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The dawn of the 21st century introduced ever-improving technology even 21 years later. This is especially so when it comes to vehicle safety. To ensure such safety millions of vehicles are recalled annually. Unfortunately, despite technological advancements and vehicle recalls the United States averages about 6 million car accidents every year. One may wonder with all […]


Distracted driving is one of the most common causes of accidents. This has become worse with the use of cell phones while driving. The state of California made it illegal for a driver to use a hand-held cell phone or to text while driving. This article will discuss the laws and penalties of cellphone use […]

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In any personal injury case, the critical question asked at the outset is who was at fault. Fault is an essential aspect of any personal injury case because once it is determined, whoever I s at fault becomes responsible for paying damages or compensation. This article will discuss determining fault and the use of negligence […]

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Personal injury law allows an injured person to file a lawsuit in court to legally recover for all losses they suffered due to an accident or incident. This provision permits the injured person to receive financial compensation for their losses in a bid to ‘make whole’ the individual after suffering harm or loss due to […]