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When facing your opponent, whether a plaintiff or a defendant, you should be well prepared in personal injury claims and trials. The facts and evidence of your situation may make a strong case, but you could end up losing if you’re not well prepared for trial. What does preparation entail? There’s no right or wrong […]

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After a car accident it is not uncommon for some injuries to show up much later. How might this affect your case? What is the best way to move forward? This article will discuss ways in which you should protect your health and your rights. It is not a generalization to say that the majority of […]

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If you have been involved in an accident and decide to make a personal injury claim, having a witness from the incident can be very valuable. This article will discuss the role witnesses can play in your personal injury claim. It must be noted that witnesses are an asset when you are making a personal […]

Grandma and Granddaughter Thanksgiving Cooking

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, which means it is time again to join loved ones for a delicious home-cooked meal.  While entertaining family and friends during the holidays can be fun, it is important that we not forget about basic kitchen safety during the festivities. According to the National Fire Protection Association, cooking fires are […]

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Bakersfield Personal Injury Attorney helping drivers reduce their risk on the road when it comes to drowsy driving. Personal Injury Attorney | Drowsy drivers are a dangerous addition to America’s roads. With nearly one-quarter of American adults saying that they know someone who has fallen asleep at the wheel, it’s no wonder that drowsy driving has become […]

Kids Boarding School Bus

An experienced Personal Injury Lawyer can inform you of your rights if your child is injured on a school bus due to negligence.  School buses are the safest form of travel for children going to school. By taking an average of 36 cars off the road per bus, school buses aren’t only decreasing car accidents […]

Crashed Truck

When a small vehicle becomes involved in a crash with a massive commercial tractor-trailer truck weighing as much as 80,000 pounds loaded, serious injuries are almost guaranteed. These injuries, combined with the complex legal issues of identifying and proving liability, result in extensive challenges for victims seeking the compensation they need to effectively deal with […]