Alternatives To Drunk Driving

Why Drive Drunk When You Have These Options?

When you go out to celebrate with friends and family, your intention is not to drive home while intoxicated. Unfortunately, hundreds of people who fail to plan ahead when celebrating end up behind the wheel. Other times we plan ahead and get hurt by the people who don’t. In that case, you might need a personal injury lawyer. The best way to stay out of trouble is to plan for alternatives to drunk driving. Here are some ideas to give you the opportunity to fully enjoy your time with friends and family while staying safe.

  • Identify a designated driver before the event. This may be an obvious solution, but that’s because it works. Be sure to pick a designated driver who is known for being responsible and sticking with plans.
  • Have a backup driver ready. Do you have a family member or friend who doesn’t want to go out? Keep his or her contact information handy in case you are left without a ride home.
  • Be willing to stay over if you indulge too much. If you’re hosting, you should be willing to offer your guests a place to sleep off the celebration.
  • Use a driving service. Getting a ride is not as difficult as finding one of the few taxis that are out anymore. Mobile apps featuring driving service locators help you contact a sober driver for a ride home when you’re out with friends.

If you find yourself injured after your festivities, it is possible that the negligence of another party guest contributed to the injury. Personal injury lawyers are able to help you fight for the compensation you need to pay for medical expenses, loss of wages and other financial hardships that occur after you sustain an injury.

It is important to contact a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible after an incident occurs. If you need a personal injury attorney, the experienced professionals at The Law Offices of Young Wooldridge, LLP are ready to help.

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