3 Primary Duties of Brain Injury Attorneys

Brain Injury

Brain injuries interfere with proper functioning of the brain, and by extension the body, since the brain controls other organs of the body. A brain injury can be mild, moderate, or severe (TBI), and it can result from a head blow, a jolt, a penetrating injury, a blunt object strike, and much more. According to the CDC, over 60,000 TBI-related deaths occurred in the U.S in 2019–translating to 166 brain injury-related deaths per day. The good part is that you can contact a Bakersfield brain injury attorney if you or a loved one suffers brain injuries caused by the negligence of an entity or another person.

The consequences of a severe brain injury (TBI) can be long-term and you may be dependent on other people for the rest of your life, bearing in mind that it’s hard to provide care for brain injury survivors. TBI may cause death and disabilities, and that’s why you should consult a Bakersfield brain injury attorney to ensure your future is financially, emotionally, and physically safeguarded. The brain injury attorney will take up your case and help you concentrate on recovery. Your attorney will file a legal action to recover damages for the injuries on your behalf. The recoverable damages can be for past and future medical expenses, lost job opportunities and lost earnings, as well as damages for emotional distress arising from the brain injury.

Who’s More Susceptible to Brain Injury?

Anyone can suffer from a brain injury regardless of age, but it’s more prevalent in:

  • Minorities (racial and ethnic).
  • Veterans, including service men and women.
  • The homeless.
  • Rural dwellers.
  • People in violent relationships.
  • Prisoners, detainees, and those in correctional facilities.
  • Senior citizens, children, and teens.
  • Contact sports (men or women).

Importance of a Brain Injury Attorney

The scope of a brain injury attorney’s work is vast but can help brain injury survivors in the following ways:

  1. Building a strong case
    Your brain injury attorney should gather evidence by getting the necessary facts to build a strong lawsuit. The important details needed to initiate a legal action include degree of responsibility of the accused, degree of negligence, preventative measures in place, and much more. Brain injuries usually elicit compassion even–from the jury–but you must prove your case to be compensated.
  2. Negotiating fair awards
    Defendants will typically make hurried offers and rush the process to confuse a brain injury survivor, and that’s why it’s important to involve your attorney in everything since they can tell whether an offer is fair or not. You should consider, among many others, the following expenses when drafting your claim:

    • The cost of any surgery.
    • Medication cost.
    • Money spent on assistive devices, including crutches and wheelchairs.
    • Money spent on medical appointments.
    • Therapy and ambulance expenses.
    • Money needed to make changes to your house to accommodate your injuries, if needed
  3. Legal Representation
    The primary role of your attorney is providing legal representation, besides legal counsel. Working with doctors and other medical professionals, your attorney should recommend a good treatment plan and be your primary legal representative in all matters related to your brain injury.

Brain injuries can be life-changing and a source of misery since you’ll constantly need medication and may suffer a variety of consequences, including behavioral as well as physical disabilities. A competent brain injury attorney can help you bring sanity as you recover and contemplate your future.

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