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Hardworking Family Law Attorneys in Bakersfield

Protecting your loved ones in California

The well-being of your loved ones is perhaps the most important thing in your life. If your family is in transition, protecting that well-being is your top priority. Family law in California is complex, and there is a time for negotiation and bargaining and a time for zealous advocacy. An experienced attorney should be able to handle both.

Since 1939, the skilled attorneys at The Law Offices of Young Wooldridge, LLP have protected the rights of children, parents, grandparents and legal guardians. The firm can represent you in both litigation and mediation in a variety of family law matters. At Young Wooldridge, you work with a Board Certified Family Law Specialist: it’s one of the many ways that the firm provides you with the highest level of care.

Outstanding service in all areas of family law

California families are among the most diverse in the country. Young Wooldridge has successfully negotiated and litigated cases involving:

  • Child custody Child custody involves significant issues, the most important of which is where your children will spend their time and who will make important decisions on their behalf.
  • Child support and spousal support - Support payments are an important component of any workable solution. Child support is largely determined by a set formula, while spousal support balances the needs of both spouses.
  • Dissolution and legal separation - If your marriage is ending, an experienced attorney can help you decide whether dissolution or legal separation is most appropriate in your case.
  • Mediation - Mediation can be a way to control both litigation costs and the outcome of your case. At Young Wooldridge, your case is supervised by Certified Family Law Specialist, Dawn Bittleston.
  • Paternity - Especially in the case of unmarried couples, paternity testing may be a necessary prerequisite to receiving child support payments or participating in your children's lives.
  • Guardianship - A guardianship case may involve probate guardianship or juvenile guardianship. A dedicated family law attorney at Young Wooldridge can guide you through either process.
  • Stepparent adoption - A stepparent adoption may be easier to perform legally, but it can be very complicated emotionally, as it involves terminating the parental rights of a living parent.

Conveniently located in downtown Bakersfield, and with services in Spanish available, Young Wooldridge is uniquely positioned to serve your family and promote the best interests of your children.

Work with family law attorneys committed to helping Bakersfield families

Young Wooldridge has been a fixture in the Bakersfield community since World War II. The firm's commitment to you is evident from the initial consultation all the way to trial or settlement. Contact The Law Offices of Young Wooldridge, LLP at 661.578.6556 or online to schedule your free consultation.

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